Chronix Biomedical, Inc., a developer of novel blood-based cancer molecular diagnostics, is pleased to announce that results of a clinical trial of its liquid biopsy test have been accepted for presentation at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (‘ASCO’) Annual Meeting. The abstract will be released on 17 May, ahead of the conference which takes place on 2-6 June, 2017.


The poster presentation will cover results of a study evaluating the Copy Number Instability (CNI)-score as a prognostic test in head and neck cancer. The study compares the Chronix CNI-score test’s accuracy as a predictor of time to progression with the current method based on clinical parameters (e.g. staging, invasion of lymph nodes). Predicted time to progression is an important factor that that can aid the therapeutic decision (i.e. adjuvant treatment) in this condition.

Advanced Cancer Diagnostics mission is to make available to as wide an audience as possible throughout the UK & Ireland Chronix Biomedical’s cancer diagnostics technology.

We believe this is a breakthrough in the early diagnosis of cancer and will lead to better patient outcomes, not just in the years to come but today.

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The revolutionary method of diagnosing cancer

Chronix Biomedical’s published Clinical studies have demonstrated in the case of prostate and breast cancer 92%+ accuracy in detecting the genetic fingerprints associated with these cancers.


A screening test is particularly useful for people in high risk groups either because of lifestyle risks, hereditary risks or those who have had a positive test for gene faults associated with particular cancers such as BRACA 1 & 2.


Additionally as CNI Second Opinion™ for men who have elevated PSA (risk of prostate cancer), or women with indeterminate mammogram results, CNI technology can assist in determining whether a patient needs a tissue biopsy.


Further our CNI Monitor test can monitor patient in remission and/or predict treatment outcomes six to twelve weeks ahead of present methodologies.

An aid to diagnosis from a blood sample rather than invasive biopsy

Highly accurate in detecting the fingerprints for cancer

Non-invasive and without radiation, safe for pregnant and nursing mothers

Scans the whole human genome, detecting most of cancers

Results within 2 weeks

The earlier you can detect cancer the better the outcome in the majority of cases

The Chronix blood test measures CNI and gives real time risk of an individual suffering cancer

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Get tested

cancer diagnostics 1If you are in a high risk group such as smokers, or those with a family history of cancer, those who have had cancer in the past and wish to carefully monitor for any early indications of recurrence.

cancer diagnostics 2If you have had a recent PSA test that is raised and wish to have a second opinion prior to a biopsy or if you wish to have confirmation of a biopsy result as prostate biopsies have a significant number of false negative results.

cancer diagnostics 3For those people who have an increased risk of breast cancer following tests showing gene mutations such as BRCA 1 or 2. It is also a test that can be used to help doctors determine more accurately the presence or otherwise of breast cancer in those who have had inconclusive mammography results.

cancer help 1Upon diagnosis of cancer and prior to and after your treatment starts in order to determine if your treatment is working after a single cycle of treatment.

cancer help 2The Chronix blood tests are perfectly safe for anyone to undertake whether they are receiving treatment, elderly or in fact pregnant. It is a simple blood draw of two tubes of 16ml of blood which goes to our laboratory for whole genome sequencing.

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